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Beyond Borders Pvt. Ltd. is a Swedish-Nepalese managed company set up by people with many years of experience in the Nepalese tourism field. By going with us you can assure a wonderful holiday together with experienced leaders who always do their best to make your time in Nepal the most memorial one! Yet, however, we are not only a regular commercial travel and tour agent but also formed as a social project for the benefit of our coworkers, staff and our beautiful country Nepal. That is why we are trying to employ and empower underprivileged people from the rural parts of the country, both men and women, and support them in their career within trekking and tourism. Outside of running high quality travels and treks in Nepal Beyod Borders - Ethical Adventures are also running and supporting several development projects which you, by travelling with us, indirectly are supporting too. We are also proud members of ECPATs The Code, protecting children against sex tourism. Have a look at our "Social Engagement" page to find out more. You are always welcome to visit us or the projects we are supporting!

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During these two weeks we have time to, among many other things, see Hindu ceremonies and beautiful temples, watching birds, plucking tea leaves and do a fantastic trek by the foot of Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world. A tour for the one who wants to see different landscapes and cultures of Nepal!
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Experience the everyday life and traditional culture of the various ethnic groups in the area; Tamang, Newar, Thami, Hyolmo, Sherpa, Majhi. They invite us to see the prides of their culture, shamans, dances, food and drinks, temples and of course hospitality. On the way, behold a view of several of the highest mountains in the world. This is the experience of “real Nepal”!
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Annapurna area which is the best place to meet the Gurung people, one of many interesting ethnic groups of Nepal, and to emerge into their culture. Gurungs are known as the hospitable people of the country.


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