About Us


Who are we?

Beyond Borders Pvt. Ltd. is a Swedish-Nepalese managed company set up by people with many years of experience in the Nepalese tourism field. By going with us you can assure a wonderful holiday together with experienced leaders who always do their best to make your time in Nepal the most memorial one!

Since we are a relatively small company we have the possibility to see every guest individually and if you have specific wishes or interests we are able to make specified and individual tours. Our contacts in Nepal are within wide spectra and we love the tailor made journeys where we can use our creativity to custom make you an itinerary, made only for you!

Yet, however, we are not only a regular commercial travel and tour agent but also formed as a social project for the benefit of our coworkers, staff and our beautiful country Nepal. That is why we are trying to employ and empower underprivileged people from the rural parts of the country, both men and women, and support them in their career within trekking and tourism.

Staff policies

Beyond Borders are following the 5 guidelines set up by International Porter Protection Group and are always trying to find ways to improve the conditions for all of our staff. We see our staff, would it be cook, sherpa, porter or trekking guide as equal, which means that no one receives more benefits than another one because of social status or duty.

In Nepal tourism is one of the main industries and for the country to develop and benefit from that we guarantee fair salaries and good conditions for all of our staff. By going with us you can be sure that the money you spent on a wonderful vacation stays in the country and goes to someone who really is in need of them.


Beyond Borders are concerned about environmental issues and are always trying to follow the policy “Take nothing but photos – leave nothing but footprints” to minimize the negative aspects of tourism. We are providing environmental and cultural information to our guests and we make sure that our staff also understands the importance of protecting the environment. By doing this we are trying to implement the necessary steps for a sustainable tourism industry in Nepal.

Social commitments and earthquake relief aid

Beyond Borders have been active in the earthquake relief aid since the April 2015 disaster. We have provided earthquake victims with emergency aids such as tarpaulins, tin roofs, food, hygiene articles and we are now in the progress of building a public water tank and tap which will be used by a whole village in lack of sufficient water supply in the district of Dolakha.
Most of our staff is from earthquake affected areas and in general all of them have lost their homes. We are trying to make sure that they get the work and salary they need to progress in rebuilding their homes and their former stability.
We are also running a temporary shelter for children rescued from various exploitations by the Nepalese government where they stay until they can reunite with their families. The transit home is also home to children whose families are still staying in the evacuation camps under tarpaulins. These children have no chance to study, except for going to the Non Formal Education provided in the camp, and the family is focusing on surviving the day rather than getting a stabile job and trying to rebuild their life. By taking care of the children for a limited time we ensure that they don’t lose their education and the families also get a chance to look for long term solutions. While the children are with us we are also counseling the families and when the children are back we continue to support the family where ever needed for the child to stay with his or her own family, which is always our No 1 goal, for example by sponsoring the school admission fee.

Beyond Borders are also cooperating with Nepals best orthopedic hospital for children, namely HRDC, Hospital and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children, in Banepa. With them we organize medical treks to reach out to the children suffering from orthopedic disabilities in the countryside.

By travelling with us you also support our projects.