Nepal without trekking?

Even though Nepal is the perfect place for trekking also a tour by vehicle without any longer walks could be very rewarding in terms of unexploited culture, nature and mountain views. If you travel with a knowledgeable guide and have your itinerary made by a serious agency the tour will be equally rewarding as the trek. A journey on the roads in Nepal gives you so much more views than one in the west since Nepalese peoples life are often centered to outside of the house. Just by travelling on the roads you get an insight into Peoples life. We also make stops and interact, often to the Nepalese peoples great joy!

A tour through Nepal can be passing rural remote areas where the road was recently made and where tourism didn’t yet have any or almost any impact. You can also travel on the bigger roads and visit the heritage sites and prides of Nepal.

Here are some of our itineraries presented but don’t feel shy to contact us and ask for a custom made program focusing on your own special interests. We have a wide net of contacts and we love making unique itineraries!